Astroflame FRA Intumescent & Acoustic SINGLE Socket Box 47mm INSERT 2Hr

Astroflame FRA Intumescent & Acoustic SINGLE Socket Box 47mm INSERT 2Hr

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Socket Box Inserts are used to restore the fire rating of a wall otherwise compromised by apertures and gaps following the fitting of socket boxes. This design also restores the acoustic and thermal performance of the wall and its air-tightness.

Inserts are quick and easy to fit in comparison with traditional putty pads.

Once a hole is made in the wall for a recessed switch or socket box, the integrity of the construction and its ability to perform in a fire can be significantly reduced. The acoustic performance of the wall is also affected and air leakage will increase.

Air leakage allows heat loss and noise transmission. A single socket can leak over 3.5 cubic metres of air per hour and the combined air leakage of all the sockets in a room can create significant thermal loss.

The graph opposite show how our socket box inserts improve air-tightness at normal room air pressures. A correctly fitted insert can almost match the performance of an unpenetrated wall.

The material used to construct the socket insert is a good insulator, which further prevents heat loss and maintain insulation continuity of the wall.

Acoustic performance is good, being rated at -67dB

The socket box inserts are quicker and easier to fit that traditional putty pads. In a fire the inserts flanged design ensures that the fire resistant material remains in place to limit the spread of fire through the socket penetration.

Astro FRA Socket Box Inserts are designed to fit common plastic / metal single / double socket box sizes.

Air leakage rates with and without socket inserts.

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